Pontoon Boat Buggy Tops - Tops with Tails - Tops with Wings
Pontoon top with wings

Pontoon Boat Tops with “tails” were popular 20 years ago.
To our knowledge no current new boat builder is offering them. There is a lawsuit pending against one pontoon manufacturer that claims the tails created a blind spot for the driver.

We quit offering them after repeated fit problems. The frame has to be mounted flat, otherwise the tails won’t fit; it’s an installer’s problem. But if you can’t get something to fit that we sell, then it’s our problem and we will help you make it right.We made the decision to quit selling them after attending a boat show where we saw new boats that had pontoon tops with tails, installed badly.
Buggy Top Tops with Tails or Wings
A piece of fabric attaches to the fence
rail in the back of the pontoon.

Hardtops and Fixed Frame Soft Tops
Custom Sewn Pontoon Top pontoon boat hardtop
A custom sewn top on an old fixed frame Most hardtops were 10'.
 On this boat our 8' would shade the same area.
The old fixed frame with vinyl top was replaced by the aluminum “hardtop” in the 1980’s.
We get calls for replacement vinyl pontoon tops for fixed frame tops but there are dozens of different sizes and shapes; 8’, 9’ 10’, bull nose front, flat front, etc. If you want to replace your old fixed frame top, you have to contact your local canvas shop for a custom top.

It’s been about ten years since a new boat builder offered hardtops. They were difficult for the new boat builders to transport and a problem for dealers to handle. To our knowledge no current new pontoon builder is offering them. The aftermarket volume wasn’t enough for the aluminum hardtop manufacturers to survive. Besides the difficulty of transportation the other problem with the hardtop was the cost. A $800+ top as part of a new boat package might not seem “expensive”, but as a replacement with $2-300 freight it can be. We get calls from people who love their hardtop and lost them to storm damage. But, in the final analysis they were nothing but sun shade and the cost and expense of transportation are difficult to overcome.  We don’t have a source for hardtops.

Walk on pontoon hardtops
Sun-Top's - Walk-On Hardtops
We used to handle an aftermarket walk on sun-top. Unfortunately, a lawsuit put our supplier out of business. There was a time when new boat builders weren’t offering them but now with 25” diameter pontoons some boats can handle the weight. It’s our opinion that the potential for danger and the liability of an add on “walk-on” hardtop is prohibitive. We counsel our customers to carefully consider the potential for danger and to consider what the extra weight, seven feet in the air might do to the stability of your pontoon.
We do not have a source for Sun Tops or Walk-On hardtops.