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We are a 25 year old “brick and mortar” marine supply business. During our twenty five years we have specialized exclusively in pontoon accessories serving the wholesale trade. Consistently over the last 15 years we have carried a Better Business Bureau A++ rating. We entered the internet market in the past few years. Our other web sites are,,,, and and we are affiliated with Our only “claim to fame” is that we’ve done this a long time and as funny as it may sound, we know what we’re doing. We hope this doesn’t sound like bragging but frankly there a lot of people selling marine parts that don’t know what they are doing. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so much junk sold. Then there are the sellers; college kids operating internet businesses out of their dorm rooms (good luck if you have a problem). Companies that put hundreds of items on a web site and have a distributor or jobber ship to you when you order.

Our products are different from everyone else's. They are made to our specifications. It’s an unusual situation in the marine business, we know enough about the pontoon boat top business to tell manufacturers how to make things; (square tube frames, zipper fabrics, pontoon tops that snap together, tops that don’t need hardware, etc.). We pioneered the Universal Fit ™ Replacement pontoon top fabric and have sold thousands over a ten year period. Our new Snap & Mount ™ pontoon top frame will be copied by all of our competitors in the next few years, but we have it now.

About Our Web Site

When we were planning this web site we researched the pontoon boat tops available on the internet. I know it may sound funny to say, but we couldn’t figure out what most of the internet sellers were offering. Would replacement fabrics fit existing pontoon tops? Why did prices range from hundreds of dollars?, etc. Two companies had “custom fit” selectors with the names of every pontoon boat ever built. You selected your model for the “custom fit” selector, and received a custom recommendation. After playing with the “selector” for a few minutes it becomes apparent that all the custom fit selections recommend the same pontoon top. Pontoon boat tops aren’t that complicated. 8’ wide pontoons have fence 88” to 94” and most frames will spring 88” to 94”. One web site uses an image of the owners of our company's pontoon boat with our blue pontoon top as an image on their web site, the pontoon top has Trim Ears ™, which they don’t offer, but they still use our picture. One company has two pages of text and repeatedly uses the word “the best”. We were so intrigued we bought a top. In fact, we bought six competitive pontoon tops to take a look at what was available. Two were stated to be “solution dyed”, but were yarn dyed fabrics. The web site didn’t say anything about length of warranty. Every pontoon top we bought was difficult to assemble, one was literally a box with dozens of pieces and parts. We didn’t even try to work with it, we returned it and waited seven weeks for a credit. It became obvious that most sellers didn’t know anything about pontoon boat tops. Pontoon Boat Tops were just one of the hundreds of other products they sold for pontoon boats.

We’ve been selling pontoon boat tops for twenty five years, through marine dealers. Dealers are willing to pay a premium for a pontoon top frame that is fully assembled. Take it off the truck and put it on the boat. Assembling a frame can be a real pain especially with $80 per hour labor rates. We worked with aluminum fabricators and they came up with the most ingenious method of assembling a frame, it literally just snaps together. Anyone who has ever spent hours assembling a frame will go wild over our Snap & Mount ™ frame. This costs us extra money, each spring clip is $4, but because we know what a pain assembling a pontoon boat top is, we realize it’s worth the money. Again because of our dealer affiliation we recognize the benefit of zippers. No marine dealer will spend 20 minutes trying to slide a frame through sleeves in a pontoon boat top. Yet, 80% of the aftermarket pontoon boat top fabrics mount with sleeves. Zippers add about $8 per zipper to the cost of a top. Nearly all the new boat builder's pontoon boat tops have adjustable aluminum front supports, they are stronger than straps so we decided to make them standard on our Deluxe Packages. ($20 surcharge over straps)

After including these extra features and benefits we ran the numbers and we couldn’t believe our eyes. Not only were we very competitive, we blew away the major competitors on price, not to mention all of our special standard features. We believe we have the absolute best pontoon tops and best value available anywhere. With our product, we have nothing to hide and the more you know about pontoon boat tops, the happier you’ll be with ours.


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