Warranty and Terms

Warranty & Terms

Our Warranty on Pontoon Boat Tops - ONE FULL YEAR ON EVERYTHING

Two Year Warranty Non Fading on the Economy Top. Five Year Warranty on the replacement fabric and on the Deluxe Package fabrics. If there is loose stitching, you should notice it in a year. If the binding comes loose, it should happen in a year. If there is a weakness in the hardware, it should happen in a year. The fabric is NOT prorated. If the blue turns purple on an economy top in one year and eleven months, you get a new top, you don’t get a discount off a higher priced top, you get a new top. The warranty is backed by the seller (us), not some unknown distributor or manufacturer.

Most warranties insist that you return to the original seller to start the process. Good luck to those who bought their pontoon boat top on ebay or from some college kid operating an internet business from his dorm room. If you have a problem, call us and we’ll find your sale in our computer and get you satisfaction. If we can identify the problem from digital pictures, we’ll send a replacement. We won’t make you go for weeks without a top, shipping your top all over the country to have it inspected. (That’s how it usually works, you return it to the seller, he sends it to his supplier, etc.)
We’ve been in business over 25 years and have been selling pontoon accessories all that time. We know pontoon boat tops.

The tops we sell are built to our specifications. We have the absolute finest economy top, again built to our design specifications. Zippers on the fabric and Snap & Mount ™ square tube frames add a few dollars more per package, but they are major benefits that we know our customers will want. We’ve designed the snap together frame after listening to customer complaints about how hard other supplier's frames are to assemble.
Our tops are different and better than other tops.

We understand that everyone is looking for value, but we know if you have a nice ten year old pontoon, you don’t want a junk replacement pontoon top. We pioneered the Universal Fit ™ replacement fabric idea and have sold them through marine dealers for over fifteen years. We’ve literally sold thousands.

We’ve studied the fabric offerings of the dozen or so companies making marine grade pontoon top fabrics. As stated elsewhere, solution dyed is “the best”, the heavier (ours is 8.8 ounce) the better. Sunbrella® has done a terrific job of advertising and building a brand, but we don’t believe a long prorated warranty, warrants a premium price. (that’s why we don’t offer it) If your top doesn’t fade in five years, it probably isn’t going to fade in ten.

We ship from stock. We maintain an inventory of 500+ frames and fabrics in our warehouse. You order on Monday, we’ll ship Monday or Tuesday. Many of the suppliers offering pontoon boat tops are sales “fronts”. That means they take your order, run your credit card and send your order to a warehouse or manufacturer. Check the ship time; if it says: ships in 3 to 5 days the seller doesn’t have the tops in stock. This might not seem like a big deal, a few days wait may be OK, but it alerts you to the fact that the seller probably won’t handle warranties, he will forward them to the unknown distributor or manufacturer and you’ll wait more than 3-5 days for warranty.

Terms of Sale – Credit Card or On Receipt, we accept all major credit cards and Pay Pal. We do not ship C. O. D.

Shipping – All orders over $100 ship for free. Small parts under $100 carry a flat rate shipping charge of $7.50 unless bought in conjunction with a larger purchase in which case they ship free.

Sales Tax – We are an Indiana company but have a marketing presence in Michigan. Michigan sales are subject to 6% Michigan sales tax and all in-state sales are subject to 7% Indiana sales tax. We do not collect sales tax outside of Michigan and Indiana. When you check out with an out of state shipping address you will not see any sales tax. This is something you might pay attention to with some of our large competitors. Companies with locations in multiple states must collect sales tax. If you buy a product from a North Carolina company and you live in Illinois, where they have a subsidiary, you will pay Illinois sales tax.

Damage in Shipment – Please inspect all packages when they are delivered. A box with a dented corner may not necessarily have damaged contents but must be reported to Fed Ex at time of delivery. Refuse any packages that are obviously damaged to the point that contents may be missing.

Returns - Everything we sell carries a money back guarantee. If you buy something and you decide that you don’t want it, we will credit you upon receipt of the merchandise. Many of our items are expensive to ship and we ship most items free freight or on large items we frequently subsidize freight.

PLEASE BE AWARE that some items can be expensive to ship back. We had a customer in California that accidentally ordered two tops (husband and wife both ordered), which is fine, send one back for the money back warranty, but his shipping cost to return was $85 for the large oversized top box. We felt kind of sorry that the return shipping was so high, but because of our return policy, we absorbed the outbound shipping which was also expensive. I guess the point is if it's our fault, we “eat” the shipping. If it's your fault you have to absorb the shipping. We try to be a moral company and spell everything out about our products on our web site, but we can’t give away shipping both ways unless the product is defective. For replacement pontoon top fabrics the return shipping is usually less than $10 and no one seems too upset about that, but on large oversize parcels the shipping can add up. Please, be sure that you want something before you order it. 

Returns to: 21315 Buckingham Road, Elkhart, IN 46516 - Google our location, it’s a real building with our name on it.
If something is defective, damaged or not as described, we pay the return shipping. If something didn’t fit or the customer changed his mind, you pay the shipping. Returns are not a problem and your credit card will be credited within a week (often the same day) of receipt of undamaged new merchandise.

Warranty – Contact us about warranty before returning items. E-mail works best.